Wireless Level Monitoring Solutions

Wireless Level Monitoring Solutions

Our smart meter allows remote monitoring of liquid levels inside the tank/reservoir in real-time. These solutions will enable you to access fluid-level information on mobile phones and desktop computers. With these solutions, you will be able to manage inventory effectively. Real-time visibility informs you of days remaining on existing stock or timely detection of any leak.


Our cloud platform allows you to keep an electronic log of all measurements since day one of work. Likewise, it will enable exporting graphs and measurement values ​​as required and sending alerts via Whatsapp for abnormal conditions. Our platform could customize according to each client’s need.

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 Measurement system for any water tank, cistern, and vertical storage for any non-corrosive liquid.
  It can measure depths of up to 7.5 meters, allowing an actual application within any industry.
Through the cloud platform, you can monitor your consumption and verify the historical values since day one. The information is sent wirelessly by radio frequency, so no additional installation is required.