Energy Monitoring Solution

Energy Monitoring Solution

Energy management is becoming more and more critical. Today, energy costs have become a central factor for the operating budget in the Industry. A good energy quality guarantees the life of machinery and equipment connected to the electrical supply.

The intelligent monitoring of Harim Analytics allows to visualize the total consumption of the load and separate the current and voltage supplied by each power line. This information is sent securely and wirelessly to our cloud platform to manage data and make decisions based on accurate measurements.



With our intelligent metering system, you will be able to monitor electrical energy consumption in 127 AC, 220 AC, or 440 AC systems; 1P1W, 2P3W, and 3P4W.

Harim Analytics


 Real-time monitoring from our platform.
Measure your total consumption (kWh), active energy, apparent energy, power factor, current per line, and total harmonic distortion.
Have control of your daily consumption and according to your billing period.
The information is stored, processed, and viewed in the cloud.
All data is available for further analysis and can be exported to Microsoft Excel ®.