Air Quality Meter

Air Quality Meter

The health crisis derived from SARS COV 2 has put us on the radar that air quality is one of the most critical factors in preventing the spread of the virus. The Industry, in general, develops its activities within closed spaces, which significantly increases the probability of contagion.


Achieving safer spaces is one of our objectives; with our smart meter, you will be able to visualize the levels of humidity, noise, temperature, and the level of CO2, directly linked to the transmission of the SARS COV 2 virus. To avoid infections that are favored Because of poor ventilation, it is urgent to take measures to monitor the air quality in spaces closed or occupied by our staff.                                       



 You will receive a notification on your cell phone if the CO2 level is very high in any area so that the space can be ventilated.
 Various users can view all the information and data generated from a cell phone, computer, or tablet.
 You will measure temperature, humidity, noise, and CO2 with a single device. 
 You can download all the measurements through an Excel file. You will have a digital blog available at any time.