Propane tank Level Monitoring

Our smart level meter for LP gas tanks allows you to know the level of liquid present in horizontal tanks of up to 5,000 liters. Our monitoring service eliminates the physical inspection of tanks so you can focus on more critical tasks. Thanks to our alert system via WhatsApp, we help you never run out of gas.


Through our cloud platform, you can obtain a daily balance in seconds. The initial level of the shift, recharge, usage, and final level of the tank to maintain precise control of your inventories in real-time.
harim analytics


The information is presented in real-time graphically and is easy to interpret.
Measurement of liquid inlets and outlets.
Automatic daily balance: Initial level in the tank, Recharges, Discharge, Final level in the tank.
Cellular alarm system for when we detect a low level of liquid in the tank.
Export data, graphs, and relevant information to Microsoft Excel ©.