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We collect critical data for companies by implementing our smart meters. We help your company with the digitization of your processes to enter Industry 4.0. You will be able to visualize data that you never imagined you could obtain before, allowing you to make better decisions in the company.
We offer a solution for Industry. Our cloud platform is unique in the market; you can view metrics of your processes in real-time and receive cell phone alerts for abnormal conditions (low level, work outside of hours, activation of the emergency stop). We use the latest data intelligence to automate reports on use, refills, and inventory balances in the plant. You will finally have a digital blog to help you make better decisions.

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Real-time Monitoring

Monitor your consumption and do not lose sight of essential data for your company; you will have accurate information on the processes and alarms about abnormal conditions or critical levels. Remember that all data is stored securely on our cloud platform.


Easy to install

Our meters do not require unique installations; they are easy to install and can reach great distances; in a single platform, you will be able to review all your sensors, which will make it easier to control your variables.



All the information is presented graphically and is easy to interpret. You will be able to obtain reports of the consumption of the measured variables and automated notifications of the balance in your tanks. You can export all of this to Microsoft Excel®.


Artificial intelligence

Save high percentages on your consumption using our algorithms in the cloud. In-depth data: Comprehensive sensor data is delivered in easy-to-share formats for analysis and budgeting.